Tag: 2015 Dulux Study Tour: Paris

The triple height "open plan" central living area of Maison La Roche.
The World | Bonnie Herring | 2 Jul 2015

2015 Dulux Study Tour: Maison La Roche

A visit to one of Le Corbusier’s foundational projects reveals the flawed genius of this iconic architect.

A perforated aluminum screen covers the Pathé Foundation by Renzo Piano Building Workshop to provide privacy and sunshading.
The World | John Ellway | 15 Jun 2015

2015 Dulux Study Tour: The rational blob

It might look like a “giant Ghost Busters goo blob” in the middle of Paris, but this project knows its place perfectly.

The Mansard roofs and decorative facades of central Paris lend it its distinctive personality.
Practice | Casey Bryant | 11 Jun 2015

2015 Dulux Study Tour: Paris

A visit to two Parisian practices reveals the City of Lights’ built heritage weighs heavily on its contemporary architects.

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